Victory Worship Center is a family, a family that accepts all. It’s a safe place that you can call home, with real people you can relate to. Here you will meet our hero, Jesus. He’s what we’re all about!


Meet Needs Build Relationships Lead to Jesus


We exist to show the love of God to every person and restore relationships to Christ


Jesus is our focus
Everything else revolves around Him

God is the author of our story
We have plans but He directs our paths

We are all equal at the foot of the cross
We are an imperfect people who serve a perfect God

We reflect the image of Jesus
We live out the gospel we desire to share

We pursue peace and protect unity
We don’t do division, disloyalty, disunity, dysfunction

We think outside the box but work within it
When we steward what God gives us, simple and sensible become powerful!

We are participators not spectators
Faith is alive and active.

We work hard and play hard
We enjoy what we do, when we sow we should also reap.

We are a team
We serve with a towel not a title

We have no sacred cows
We willingly accept course corrections, always growing and ever changing